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I Have Awakened The Deduction System
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Brief description of the light novel “I Have Awakened The Deduction System”
He Chuan is reborn in a different world where anyone can be reincarnated.
In this world, every citizen who turned 18 years old had the chance to be temporarily reincarnated in another world.
The destination of reincarnation could be an oriental fantasy world, a western fantasy world, an urban area with well-developed martial arts, or a future science fiction world.
They would then acquire a certain mission, along with the abilities necessary to live in that world.
And when they fulfill that mission, they become “reincarnated” permanently. They can then embark on a journey to become rich and successful.
If they fail, they become ordinary folk. The door to the new world will be closed forever.
He Chuan was reborn in the first world.
[You are reborn in the world of martial arts. You are an orphan and a loser. [You have awakened the deductive system].
He Chun devoted himself to the deduction of various types of martial arts. He extracted the essence of each technique and fused it into a unique system.
And he became the greatest legend in Jianghu.
[You have obtained an S-rank rating. You may choose to retain the powers you gained in this incarnation and use them again in future incarnations.”]
He Chuan resolutely chose to retain the Deduction System.
He then reincarnated in a second world.
[You have been reborn in a fantasy world. [You are excellent, the eldest son of a royal family.]
Please take the time to enjoy He Chuan’s breaking through the limits of the world and shattering emptiness.

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